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About the Nigeria Startup Act 2022

The Nigeria Startup Act project is a joint initiative by Nigeria’s tech startup ecosystem and the Presidency to harness the potential of our digital economy through co-created policy. By increasing collaboration and engagement, streamlining regulatory processes, facilitating access to finance, and promoting the use of technology, the Act seeks to create a supportive ecosystem that fosters the growth of startups and positions Nigeria as a hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and technology solutions worldwide.

With the Passage and signing of the Act into law by H.E. President Muhammadu Buhari on the 19th of October 2022, the second phase of the project began. This second phase includes the implementation of the National Act and the State Adoption program.

Why State Adoption

The need for subnational adoption of the Nigeria Startup Act is crucial to ensure that the benefits of the Act are felt across all states in Nigeria. While the Act provides a framework for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship at the national level, its impact can only be fully realized if it is adopted at the subnational level.

By adopting the Act at the state level, states can create a more favourable environment for startups and entrepreneurs in their jurisdiction, stimulate economic growth and development, and position themselves as hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship. Subnational adoption of the Nigeria Startup Act is, therefore, essential to creating a supportive ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs across Nigeria and unlocking the full potential of the Act.


To position states to achieve economic prosperity and contribute to the overall economic growth and development of Nigeria through becoming producers of innovation and technology solutions.


Our mission is to catalyze growth through the power of tech-enabled innovation and enterprises. We believe that the power of tech-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship is the key to driving economic progress and empowering communities. We aim to help states unlock this potential and catalyze economic growth through the adoption of the Nigeria Startup Act. With the adoption, States can ably support startups to leverage technology and innovation to build thriving enterprises that create jobs, drive economic prosperity, and transform the state.

The state adoption program intends to build an innovation ecosystem in all underserved areas in Nigeria. Our entire country will become producers of technology solutions.
NSA State adoption ensures that the very next startup that will impact the world will start in a Nigerian village.

We will drive adoption to all states in the federation as this is the only way to stitch the fabric of innovation across Nigeria.

- Oswald Osaretin Guobadia

Executive Vice-Chairman, Nigeria Startup Act State Adoption Program

The State Adoption Process

Facilitate a needs assessment to understand the ecosystem and identify the key areas to be addressed by the adopted Act in the state.

Carry out research on similar policies adopted in local and international ecosystems of shared similarities with other states.

Facilitate a forum to get the buy-in of active public and private stakeholders to collaborate towards the adoption of the Act in the state.

Develop zero drafts from the benchmarking report.

The Zero draft is validated and approved by the State ecosystem and the Ste ministry begins the drafting of the bill.

Develop the first draft for submission to the state executive council, the Ministry of Justice and the State House of Assemblies.

Identify champions within the State house of Assembly and engage them on matters of the Act for priority hearing on the Act.

The passing of the bill by the state assembly.

The signing of the bill by the Executive Governor.

Initiate deployment of programs, policies and strategic partnerships to explore the provisions of the Act.

Monitor and evaluate the impact of the implementation of the Act and create reports for stakeholder engagement.

With the Implementation of the monitoring and reporting process, The Program report is produced and launched.

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Adoption Team

Tracy Okoro Isaac

Lead – State Adoption

Wonah Andrew Ogri

Community Mobilization – State Adoption

Moses Faya

Policy Advisory Lead

Omoruyi Edoigiawerie

Head of Legal – State Adoption

Odinaka Nwodo

Associate Manager Operations – State Adoption

Edidiong S. Udoh

Communication and Social Media Lead